General Information

  1. “CHJA” refers to the Colorado Hunter Jumper Association.
  2. CHJA’s fiscal year is December 1 to November 30.
  3. The CHJA horse show year will be December 1 through November 30. This time frame will be used for CHJA year-end award calculations.
  4. Meetings of the Board of Directors are open to all members of CHJA in good standing. Non CHJA members may attend Board meetings as a guest of a Board Member.
  5. Anyone wishing to present an issue at a Board meeting must notify the President.
  6. Only Directors may vote at Board meetings.
  7. The President reserves the right to close Board meetings if deemed necessary to conduct the affairs of the Association.
  8. The procedure for horse show approval is outlined in each year’s issue of CHJA Rules and Specifications.
  9. The USEF rules will govern in all instances, except where Colorado Hunter Jumper Association adjusts for local situations.
  10. Any recognized competition which issues its prize list before December 1st and begins its show after December 1st is governed by the rules in effect on December 1st of that year.