The previous USEF Tests from which judges could choose have been expanded to 22 and are listed in order of difficulty . A 23rd test that involves changing horse can be used only at championships. These tests are used in CHJA Specs for CHJA Medals and Medal Finals. Specs have been edited to reflect the new tests. Tests 1-8 may be used for Medals under 3’ and Tests 1-22 may be used for Medals over 3’. Test 23 may be used at Medal Finals for Medals over 3’.

Rocky Mountain Hunter Jumper Association is located on the western slope of Colorado. Shows are held at the Montrose County Event Center, a beautiful indoor facility with grandstands, vendor opportunities, gorgeous new jumps by Old Dominion in Virginia, 196 stalls, cross ties and RV hookups. The community has many reputable hotels, fine dining, and tons of outdoor recreation such as the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

All USEF ‘R’ and ‘r’ Stewards, Judges and Course Designers are automatically CHJA Approved

CHJA Approved Judges as of 1/1/2022

  • Alsberg, Jenny
  • Ayers, Syd 
  • Fox, Wesley
  • Grayson, Tyler
  • Henry Sowder, Micca
  • Langley, Caroline
  • Maybank, Marion
  • Nutt, Devon
  • O’Meara, Meg
  • Schiefen , Dan
  • Waring, Joanne

CHJA Approved Course Designers as of 7/18/2022

  • Alsberg, Jenny
  • Certain, Liz 
  • Ferguson, Tracye
  • Grayson, Laurie

Colorado Hunter Jumper Foundation is pleased to announce that two deserving Colorado Hunter Jumper Association  members have been awarded scholarships for 2022.  The  $3000.00 Hammerman Scholarship, generously donated by the Hammerman Foundation, was awarded to Andrea Russell. Andrea will be continuing her studies in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Microbiology at Colorado State University. She will also continue her equine involvement through rehabilitation and retraining of horses.

Andrea Russell, $3,000 Hammerman Scholarship Winner

Information from the Officials Committee

General Information:

Effective December 1, 2019, all judges and course designers for Group II CHJA shows must be approved by the CHJA Officials Committee (CHJA Rules 4.3D and 4.4).The CHJA Officials Committee has been charged with determining the criteria and process for approval.

USEF rated judges and course designers are automatically approved by the CHJA Officials Committee and do NOT need to go through the CHJA approval process.

The following definitions are from the USEF Rule Book and are used by CHJA to define the terms Compete and Complete

HU119 Definition of Competed.  A horse has competed in an over fences class when the horse’s entry number and a score for at least the first jump are recorded on the judge’s card. A horse failing to complete the entire course is not eligible to receive points, awards, or prize money. A horse has competed in an under-saddle class when the horse has entered the ring.