The Annual Meeting of the CHJA Membership will be held on Monday, February 07, 2022, via Zoom. The agenda for the meeting will be:

  • Call to Order
  • Director Election Results
  • Business to come to the floor
  • Adjournment.

Contact Kristina McCombie at for the Zoom link. All members are welcome to attend.

Colorado Hunter Jumper Association is seeking an experienced Horse Show Manager for the Classic Finale Horse Show to be held September 24 and 25, 2022. The successful candidate will manage all aspects of the horse show including but not limited to securing a suitable venue, hiring of all staff, coordinating with the CHJA board of directors on show content and direction, and adherence to all CHJA rules. The manager will have access to and the support of the board and should be prepared to solicit and work closely with volunteers. Compensation is negotiable.

The CHJA Board made modifications to two Rules at their December 13, 2021, meeting:

The Precedent Chart(Rule7.18) was modified to remove the asterisk next to Pre-Children’s and Pre-Adult Hunters. Horses who win Divisions at 3’ or higher will now be eligible for these awards.

Rule 7.19 has been modified to make the date for Finalizing Results November 30 instead of December 7. This coincides with the membership year.

The following definitions are from the USEF Rule Book and are used by CHJA to define the terms Compete and Complete

HU119 Definition of Competed.  A horse has competed in an over fences class when the horse’s entry number and a score for at least the first jump are recorded on the judge’s card. A horse failing to complete the entire course is not eligible to receive points, awards, or prize money. A horse has competed in an under-saddle class when the horse has entered the ring. 

Information from the Officials Committee

General Information:

Effective December 1, 2019, all judges and course designers for Group II CHJA shows must be approved by the CHJA Officials Committee (CHJA Rules 4.3D and 4.4).The CHJA Officials Committee has been charged with determining the criteria and process for approval.

USEF rated judges and course designers are automatically approved by the CHJA Officials Committee and do NOT need to go through the CHJA approval process.

CHJA Approved Judges as of 12/16/2021

  • Adams, Jack (Pending renewal of CHJA Membership for 2021)
  • Alsberg, Jenny
  • Ayers, Syd 
  • Fox, Wesley
  • Grayson, Tyler
  • Henry Sowder, Micca
  • Langley, Caroline
  • Maybank, Marion
  • Nutt, Devon
  • O’Meara, Meg
  • Schiefen , Dan
  • Waring, Joanne

CHJA Approved Course Designers as of 1/17/2021

  • Alsberg, Jenny (Pending renewal of CHJA Membership for 2021)
  • Certain, Liz (Pending renewal of CHJA Membership for 2021)